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La Croix-Hélléan

© J-P Bauchet

The church of Sainte Croix can be found in the centre of this pretty village. The church is well preserved and is of great historical value.

The nobility

Keen historians will be interested to see, in the chancel of the church, an interesting window (15th C). Once decorated with stained glass by Jean de Quélan, lord of Broutay, it is sure to attract the attention of history buffs.

Also in the church are two granite tombs, where lay the remains of a lord and noble lady of Broutay (15th  and 16th C). Their statues sleep on the coffin, with joined hands and heads on cushions. The lord is wearing chain mail with arm bands and leggings and a sword by his side, while the lady is dressed in a long robe with large sleeves and a veil covering her head and falling to each side.

A mysterious chapel

But the parish church isn’t the only historical pearl in this area. A kilometre from the village you can find the Chapel of Saint Maudé, hidden away in the village of the same name. It was built in 1431 by Alain ΙX of Rohan, thanks to the patronage of Duke Jean V and the family of Du Broutay-Quelan. It is where the Breton knights killed in the Battle of the Thirty (Combat des Trente) were buried.

While you are here you can, if you wish, do the trail for ramblers, or go by bike to discover the countryside and enjoy time in the woods. You will pass through the smart villages of La Grée Saint Laurent and Helléan.

Ideas for outings

  • The ramblers’ trail of Saint-Maude. To download the leaflet click here: Circuit of Saint-Maudé :
  •  Cycling/walking circuit n°14 (30 km) leaving from Josselin Quay going to the village of La Croix Helléan and to the chapel of Saint Maudé. To download the itinerary click here: Vélo-promenade n°14 :
  • The Equestrian Farm ‘Les Korrigans’ is situated in La Ville Briend. Information: 02 97 22 39 01. For more information.

© J-P Bauchet

Note:  For all information, contact the Josselin Office of Tourism on 02 97 22 36 43



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Local amenities :  primary school, library, multi-purpose village hall, football field.

Accommodation :  holiday rentals (gites), B&B. For more information.

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